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Female Dancer

Why Choose Us?


  • Multiple classes offered for each age group -  with only one night a week commitment!

  • Friendly, positive, judgment-free atmosphere

  • Limited Class size for more personal attention

  • Summer Camps and Workshops

  • Annual spring dance recital

  • Organized, informative and helpful

  • Tasteful, current/age appropriate music, costumes and choreography

  • Welcoming students that care for their fellow dancers

  • Teachers who genuinely care about each and every dancer

  • Friendly, helpful and welcoming dance parents  

  • We are an exam free studio

  • We do not choose favourites and we do not tolerate drama

We are a fun based studio that makes your child feel comfortable and at home. We made the unique decision not to participate in exams which equally allows everyone to experience the joy of dancing. Our students dance with their own age group, and everyone is given an opportunity to be onstage through competitions and recital. 

To ensure each dancer feels good about themselves, we focus on building confidence and positive self-esteem. We embrace dancers of all shapes and sizes and encourage our dancers to express themselves. Students can wear any colour and any style of proper dance wear to class, we do not enforce a strict dress code. 

We understand how busy our dance families lives are so it is a priority for us to offer convenient, multiple classes on the same day. Enroll in as many classes as you wish and still only have to commit to one night a week. 

We want every dancer to feel a part of our special dance family and we want your experience with us to be a stress-free one.


"Miss Tyla has always promoted a dance studio were positive attitudes and good sportsmanship are paramount. This philosophy has created a very strong dance family environment that has been a blessing on so many levels!"


"To us this is more than just a dance studio. It's my daughters safe place to express herself. It is confidence I see in an otherwise shy apprehensive child. It is being lucky enough to have a dance teacher who is not only skilled but fosters fun, respect and a love of dance. It is our favourite night of the week and season on the year. We love love love De Tricky Feet."


"We have been dancing at De Tricky Feet for 6 years and my daughter falls in love with dance more each year. Dance has been an amazing creative outlet for her and the dedication Tyla puts into her studio and students shines through again and again. We absolutely love our De Tricky Feet family, truly an amazing family to be a part of." 


"From the day my daughter started her journey with dance in 2015 I could tell De Tricky Feet was the right choice. Miss Tyla is so welcoming to all of her students. She ensures they all know that they belong there. Tyla gives our children a place to be creative, a place to be free. When you walk through those doors you become part of a dance family and through that family my daughter and I have made some amazing life long friends. Miss Tyla is a strong mentor. She teaches all of the children self-control, body awareness and most importantly instills this sense of confidence and pride that can only be obtained through hard work and determination. The longest months of the year are the ones when dance season is over. The love Miss Tyla has for all her students is second to none. She truly is a maternal figure for all of them. From nervous first classes to tearful senior goodbyes, all of the students at De Tricky Feet are supported, embraced and loved. We couldn't ask for anything better. 



"Tyla's studio is about so much more than dance... it's about creativity, encouragement, support, expression, positivity and respect. Tyla creates an environment for learning and growing, and our dancers are taught to be their best, on and off stage!"


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